Annual WordPress Optimization 2022

To my clients, during next weeks I’ll be conducting the annual WordPress optimization on all websites under my web hosting plans. This is free and it will help your website to maintain a high level of performance.

This year I’ll be checking and fixing related PHP errors and security settings to enhance WordPress compatibility. Also I’ll be implementing a major feature to drastically reduce your website’s time-load and, by the same time, reduce its disk usage size.

In terms of image optimization, related tools have been implementing the same method for years which is: “decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size” –

Because of it, Google created, back in 2010, a new image format called: “WebP” (Web Picture), and its key feature is: “create files that are smaller for the same quality“. More information here. More than 10 years later, this project has reach the maturity enough that all major web browser have native WebP support.

This is right moment to implement this new image format on your website. The transition will be smoothly and will only include images located in your website media library. To give you a quick example of this, I’ve taken an images of one of my clients website. I’ve taken the image from here.

Image on JPG format:

Resolution: 1726px x 867px
Size: 136.66 Kb

Image on WebP format:

Resolution: 1726px x 867px
Size: 79.82 Kb

As you can see, the image with the WebP format reduce its size in 56.84 Kb (41.59%) and the conversion process did not change the original image resolution. In a few words, the image with the WebP format will load 41.59% faster on any major web browser.

Note: after this new image format take place on your website, you can still upload and post images in regular formats like: JPG/JPEG/PNG but I suggest to upload images in WebP format, you can easily convert regular format images to WebP with online tools like this. However, if for some reason you cannot do that on your end, it’s ok, I’ll convert all your regular format images to WebP every year during these annual WordPress optimizations.

Let me know any question via: email, facebook or telegram.

Annual WordPress Optimization 2022
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