Annual WordPress Optimization 2023

To my clients, during next weeks I’ll be conducting the annual WordPress optimization on all websites under my web hosting plans. I’ll be doing this at no cost, the main goal is to ensure that your website maintains an optimized level of performance.

This year I’ll be upgrading all websites to the latest PHP release v8.1 to enhance WordPress compatibility, you can check latest PHP release v8.1 changelog here. Also, I’ll be installing new plugins, here is the complete list of plugins. Not all of these plugins must be installed or activated, only these ones should be installed and activated:

  • Advanced Editor Tools.
  • Cache Enabler.
  • File Upload Types.
  • Flexible SSL for CloudFlare.
  • No Login by Email Address.
  • Remove & Disable XML-RPC Pingback.
  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer.
  • WP Clean Up.
  • WP Rollback.
  • WPS Hide Login.

In addition to this, I’ll optimize databases more regularly to avoid delays on your website’s response time.

Let me know any question via: email, facebook or telegram.

Annual WordPress Optimization 2023
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