Author : Alexander Goldcheidt

Amazon Fire 7″ 5th-Gen Tablet TWRP

Hi there, I want to share a quick method to upgrade your Amazon Fire 7″ 5th-Gen tablet (codename: ford) from Android v5 Lollipop to Android v7 Nougat (LineageOS). For those who doesn’t know, this Amazon tablet was released on September 2015 and was the first “Fire” model from Amazon after the Kindle ones. It comes […]


GL.iNet GL-MT2500A (Brume 2)

Hi there, I want to share this review about one of the best network devices out there, it comes from GL.iNet, a top tech company who offer unique network devices. Previously, I’ve reviewed a smart/travel/mini router from them. Now they have a brand-new product called: “Brume 2” they describe it as a: “Security Gateway for […]


DNSCrypt-Proxy on Bookworm with

Hi there, today I want to share an easy way to set up your own DNS server with the help of DNSCrypt-Proxy tool. At the time of writing this post, the package: dnscrypt-proxy is not available on Debian 12 (Bookworm), that’s why I’ll use DNSCrypt-Proxy latest-version release from its github official page. You must know […]


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