[VPN] AVG Secure VPN 60 Days Free Trial

Hi there, I want to share a Wireguard-based VPN from a leading AntiVirus provider: AVG. You may heard about AVG and its internet security products, like its AntiVirus or popular tools like TuneUp. I’ve been using AVG Secure VPN service for 10 months now, in fewer words: fast, optimized locations, lightweight (Windows 10) and secure connections by Wireguard protocol. AVG Secure VPN is available for: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. According to the official AVG website, its Secure VPN service will: “encrypts your network connection and routes it through another server to hide your IP address and keep you anonymous online.

AVG Secure VPN Features:

  • Simple and powerful VPN service: download your VPN, install it, and join a secure connection with the click of a button.
  • Military-grade encryption: encryption levels of 256 bit AES standards secure your online activity from prying eyes.
  • Streaming support: over 50 locations to choose from our dedicated streaming servers.
  • 10 devices simultaneously: you can use it on your PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
  • Try it free for 60 days: try it completely risk-free.

AVG Secure VPN Prices:

Annual Subscriptions only

  • [1 year] $4.49/month = $53.88 billed now for the first year.
  • [2 years] $4.39/month = $105.36 billed now for the first 2 years.
  • [3 years] $4.39/month = $158.04 billed now for the first 3 years.

AVG Secure VPN App for Windows 10:

Personal Opinion:

Good friends at AVG sent me an amazing offer on its last year Black Friday promotions. I didn’t know about its Secure VPN service, it surprised me that a well-known company backed a VPN service between hundreds of VPN services. Recently, the started to offer the VPN connections through the Wireguard protocol, despite that it is in a beta stage, it works really good. They also offer a Mimic protocol, which according to AVG Support: “It simply mimics/duplicates the connection to all websites you are visiting during your browsing session, providing fake information about who you are and where you’re coming from, making it impossible for anyone to identify you, track you or monitor you. This is useful in countries with restrictions on VPN use, where OpenVPN may be blocked“.

General Score:

AVG Secure VPN9 out of 10


I think the real feature on this VPN provider is that it is actually backed by a big internet security company, in these days, there are hundreds of VPN services companies that I don’t know if they will be available in 2 or 5 years from now. I cannot see the future but I think AVG will be available for a very long time. If you are looking for a long-term VPN service/provider, AVG Secure VPN will do the job.

Check AVG Official Website Check AVG Secure VPN Prices Check AVG Security Tips

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[VPN] AVG Secure VPN 60 Days Free Trial
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