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[Other Devices] Rock Pi S + AP-STA

Hi there, some readers report that my previous post: Rock Pi S + Wi-Fi Access Point based on RaspAP isn’t working anymore. Yes, that’s true, RaspAP have been upgraded to a major version and it doesn’t work correctly on Rock Pi S boards yet, issues like can’t start/restart hostapd process are present. Maybe in near […]

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[Other Devices] Rock Pi S + WiFi Access Point

Hi there, since a couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with this amazing script called: RaspAP, according to its website, RaspAP is a: “Simple AP setup & WiFi management for Debian-based devices”. Well, under a Raspberry Pi (with Berryboot and non-Berryboot images), it works out of the box, just like that, perfectly but under […]

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[Other Devices] Rock Pi S 512 MB RAM SBC

Hi there, I want to share this review about one of the most amazing and tiniest SBC (Single Board Computer) from Rock Pi called: Rock Pi S (S is for Small Square). Turns out Rock Pi devices are one of the best alternatives to Raspberry Pi devices, actually its Rock Pi 4 SBC is way […]

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[Other Devices] GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango)

Hi there, last year I was searching for a traveling router on Amazon and I’ve saw a tiny one from GL.iNet, this is a Chinese tech company who offer mostly routers, so, after see the description, specs & features… love at first sight. I can’t believe that a tiny board can accomplish multiple network funtions […]

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