My Web Services / Add-Ons Prices

Domain name (.com) registration (12 months).

Custom web hosting plans to host any type of websites (12 months). *SSL Security Certificate, Web Optimization and Technical Assistance/Issue Resolving is included.

Valid SSL certificate activation for a single domain name.

Improve time-load and security for a single website. *Require DNS change.

Installation and optimization for a single WordPress website + basic plugins installation + content adaptation under a WordPress theme. *Web Optimization is included.

Redesign custom content for a single WordPress website.

Sendy platform sub-account for mass email sending through Amazon SES (Simple Email Service).

Get 20+ customizable pop-ups and interactive forms for a single website (12 months).

Technical support & assistance for a single website, including plugins/themes installation & issue resolving (12 months).

Administration and optimization for a single web server, including updates, upgrades and issue resolving (12 months).

Full-encrypted private network with ad-blocking, tracking and phishing protection. Unlimited bandwidth (12 months).

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