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Hi there, today I would like to review a shared web hosting account. To be honest, I don’t use these shared web hosting accounts for production projects, no matter if they are based on DirectAdmin or cPanel, the reason of this is because I had a few issues in the past with a few providers, several downtimes took all my websites offline. However, things has changed and for more than a couple of months I’ve been testing a shared web hosting account from WebHorizon, this account has proved to be reliable, fast and quite easy to manage thanks to DirectAdmin web panel.


I want to start the review by specifying the key features of the web hosting account. First of all, I’ve bought that web hosting account through a lifetime offer, so, one in a million. I’ve paid €9.99EUR with not recurring payments. If you ever want a lifetime web hosting account, make sure to follow WebHorizon Twitter account and all its posts at Low End Spirit forum, I’m sure they will make these offers once again from time to time. You must know that lifetime accounts have more limits than regular accounts at regular prices. My shared web hosting account details are:

  • Location: Miami
  • Web Panel: DirectAdmin
  • NVMe SSD Disk Usage: 2GB
  • Domain Names: Unlimited
  • Databases, FTP Accounts and Email Accounts: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • SSH Access: Yes
  • Node/Server OS: CloudLinux
  • Web Server: LiteSpeed

It also include: Free SSL Certificates, Softaculous, phpMyadmin and Roundcube web email client. Since I have SSH access to the node/server I can share its performance.


[alex@fl-shared01 ~]$ curl -s wget.racing/nench.sh | bash
 nench.sh v2019.07.20 -- https://git.io/nench.sh
 benchmark timestamp:    2021-11-12 16:24:25 UTC

Processor:    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz
CPU cores:    4
Frequency:    2599.998 MHz
RAM:          5.6Gi
Swap:         -
Kernel:       Linux 4.18.0-305.10.2.2.lve.el8.x86_64 x86_64

Filesystem     Type   Size Inodes
/dev/vda1      ext4    98G   6.0M

CPU: SHA256-hashing 500 MB
    2.719 seconds
CPU: bzip2-compressing 500 MB
    7.059 seconds
CPU: AES-encrypting 500 MB
    2.379 seconds

ioping: seek rate
    min/avg/max/mdev = 93.2 us / 213.2 us / 3.98 ms / 157.2 us
ioping: sequential read speed
    generated 2.23 k requests in 5.00 s, 557.5 MiB, 445 iops, 111.5 MiB/s

dd: sequential write speed
    1st run:    97.27 MiB/s
    2nd run:    103.00 MiB/s
    3rd run:    103.00 MiB/s
    average:    101.09 MiB/s

IPv4 speedtests
    your IPv4:    158.51.xxxx.xxxx

    Cachefly CDN:         102.35 MiB/s
    Leaseweb (NL):        6.09 MiB/s
    Softlayer DAL (US):   9.74 MiB/s
    Online.net (FR):      3.81 MiB/s
    OVH BHS (CA):         7.54 MiB/s

IPv6 speedtests
    your IPv6:    2604:4cc0:xxx:xxxx

    Leaseweb (NL):        4.52 MiB/s
    Softlayer DAL (US):   2.35 MiB/s
    Online.net (FR):      5.77 MiB/s
    OVH BHS (CA):         8.61 MiB/s

Personal Opinion

I believe WebHorizon, as a web hosting provider is one of the top premium providers out there, they are reliable with up-to-date, fast and very accessible services in terms of prices. Additionally to the shared web hosting account, I have with them a VPS instance based on NAT and other one based on KVM, and a Dedicated Email Hosting account, all of them are just amazing.


If you’re looking a reliable web hosting provider with premium services, give a try to WebHorizon, they do things right, also, its support team can resolve any issue in minutes. If for some reason your project need custom features, I’m sure its sales team will figure out a custom plan for you.

Check WebHorizon Homepage

Want to know even more about it? Leave a comment.


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[Web Hosting] Shared Web Hosting Account
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